Monday, October 13, 2008

Wound Up but Winding Down

Too much coffee + pre & post-job interview jitters = choppy blog post. Sorry.

Just got done with my interview. It was a phone interview - blegh. I'm not a fan of talking on the phone but overall, I'd say it went just fine. It was very short and to-the-point with a "We'll be in touch" at the end. Hopefully I didn't sound too much like a blathering idiot :) Evidently there are no 'open' positions at this point but they're gearing up for some positions that will be available toward the end of the year. That's good for me since I still have a crap load of school work and clinicals to get through in the next few months.

Speaking of clinicals, though, I only have this week and next week left in my adult ICU rotations. It's crazy how fast that time went. Five more shifts is all I get to learn as much as I can. After next week, I have a few random home-care and pulmonary rehab shifts followed by three shifts at a neuro ICU in Saginaw and then it's on to my neonatal ICU rotation. And after that - I'm DONE! Sure do hope I have a job to report to by then :)

For now, though, I'm trying to enjoy the beautiful fall weather we're having. I spent most of Saturday doing yardwork and planting tulip, daffodil, and iris bulbs. Now the trick is keeping them in the ground so they'll bloom this spring - seems like we have a lot of hungry little animals in our neighborhood. On Sunday, Steve and I took a break from our housework to ride our bikes for a few hours. It was a beautiful sunny day when we left the house and a cool, dark night when we returned. We stopped for "one" beer at Founders on our way home but ended up staying much longer - although it's never a bad thing when you combine good beer with good friends.

We also had the chance to catch up with our friend Mackenzie who just got back from Beijing last week after competing in the Paralympics (see the previous posts). It was so cool to see her and the medals she and her tandem partner won - Kim threw quite the homecoming party and I was so glad we could attend :) Here are a few photos - it was hard to really do justice to the medals but they were pretty amazing.....So now it's on to the rest of the week - I took today off for my interview and to take an exam that has to be proctored by a licensed respiratory therapist. I have to get downtown by 1:30 to start the test - it's a practice board certification exam and I'm really hoping to pass it this first time so I don't have to take it again. Perhaps I should study a bit before I go?


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