Monday, September 29, 2008

Rolling Along

It's definitely been awhile and to be completely honest I don't have much to say. The last few weeks have been a blur of work, clinicals, and sleep. It doesn't seem possible that I'm already halfway through my clinical rotation in the ICU at Butterworth Hospital. But here I am, staring Week 5 in the face. So far it's been an amazing experience with some truly heartbreaking patients and I've yet to see one single promising outcome in the patients I've been caring for. But all sadness aside, I'm realizing that the decision to go back to school and go into a field centered on caring for people in need was the best decision I could have made at this point in my life. I'm so excited to be done with school so I can dig my teeth into this field. That said, I'm even more excited to have my first job interview on Monday. Holy crap - wish me luck.

In between clinical shifts, work at Velocity is still busy as ever. Last week even more so since most of the guys were off in Las Vegas for the big Interbike trade show. Steve was there too and for those who know Steve, the picture below should sum up this year's trip:
The man next to Steve is none other than Eddy Merckx who is quite possibly the greatest cyclist this planet has ever known - and Steve's hero. Every year it seems he gets closer to being able to shake Eddy's hand but has always missed out. Not this year :)

So yeah - riding bikes. Not much to report on that front. The first few Kisscross races have come and gone - the first one being at Highland Park while the remnants of Hurrican Ike passed overhead. Quite a nice day for a bike race, although I left the racing up to Steve while I roamed around with my coffee mug full of PBR instead. I think it was a good choice....
I did get to join in on my first randonee a few weekends ago. A few guys from GR have been creating all-day rides in the West Michigan area for the past few months. While the concept of randoneering is still a little lost on me, the group ride from here to Holland and back was a great time. I was desperately in need of spending 70-ish miles on my bike. I'm looking forward to the next ride - GR to Saugatuck to GR - that's happening in October. Hopefully I'll meet another nice guy like the one I met on the way to Holland.Anyhoo - that's really about it. Not a whole lot ahead but more school and more work and hopefully a little fun thrown in the mix. The leaves are starting to change the weather's been a little more gloomy - and for some strange reason that makes me happy. Here's to fall weather!


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